Wearable Device Using Survey

- Mar 16, 2017-

A survey revealed that, smart watches to drop the rate as high as 29%, deprecated and fitness Tracker rate of 30%, main reasons for include: it is believed that these devices are not too practical, get sick of it or the device itself failed.
Equipment was discarded was facing a serious problem in the industry. With respect to usage and discard rate is already very high. In order to achieve the value proposition is attractive enough, wearable device uses must be significantly different from the common use of smartphones. Wearable device manufacturer would require incentives and gaming mechanisms of positive interactions with the user.
In order to understand the consumer's attitude towards the wearable device, especially the smart watch, fitness tracking devices and virtual reality (VR) eyeglasses purchase, institutions in June 2016 to August the "research project on 2016 personal technology", from Australia, the United States and Britain of 9,592 online respondents were surveyed.
The survey results show that smart usage of the watch is still in the early adopter stage (10%), fitness Tracker has entered the early stages of mainstream (19%), and using glasses/virtual reality head-mounted display (not including the cardboard type) consumers account for only 8%.
The survey also found that people buy Smart Watch and fitness Tracker is designed to use only 34% fitness Tracker with 26% smart watches for gifts.
Early technology adopters become intelligent consumers are replacing a watch and fitness trackers of the main market. But people think fitness Tracker watch lack of compelling value, it will be these equipment providers to overcome the biggest obstacle.
In view of the perceived practicality, high price of respondents said wearable devices. Therefore, it argued that brand awareness is not high wearable device providers will expand the market share it is difficult to compete with well-known brands, but they can provide substitute products for price-conscious consumers.
Survey results also show that smart watches designed for consumers and fitness Tracker is not attractive. In order to solve this problem, the Agency recommends wearable device and design, brand promotion, marketing and sale of watches and fashion accessories company to cooperate, this is because those who make style trends, marketing way equipment has extensive experience and established retail channel.

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