Waterproof MP3 Meet The Needs Of Users

- Aug 02, 2017-

Wearing waterproof MP3 swimming has always been the most yearning for the happy swimming way; wearing waterproof MP3 swimming is a swimmer in the swimming movement to the top of the highest state; wearing a waterproof MP3 swimming happy body and mind, simply happy like a fairy!

Seven strokes teach you to choose waterproof MP3:

First trick: Is it resistant to seawater, salt and sweat?

Sea bathing, snorkeling, surfing will be exposed to the sea water, WATERPROOF MP3 the sweat of the movement is also salt, will be able to resist the water and salt waterproof MP3 can also avoid the general land movement of the sweat effect, recommended to buy, but after each use is still recommended use of clean water rinse maintenance.

Second trick: How Deep is the waterproof?

The water depth of general international standard swimming pool can reach three meters deep, WATERPROOF MP3 in order to avoid the uncertainty factor, please try to choose IPX8 grade and can withstand three to five meters waterproof MP3.

Third recruit: Whether heat-resisting, moisture-resistant?

In addition to swimming, bathing, bath, spa Listening song is also a popular activity, WATERPROOF MP3 bath spa water temperature is higher and moisture, buy waterproof MP3, please choose to tolerate 50 degrees of waterproof MP3.

Four: Do you have a separate design for headphones?

The service life of the earphone is usually shorter than the host, the waterproof MP3 designed by the mining separator can be used with different effect headphones, WATERPROOF MP3 and headphones can be changed directly to reduce the time and cost of maintenance waiting. Also need to pay attention to the size of headphones, too large headphones structure movement easy to squeeze the ear easily caused discomfort, WATERPROOF MP3 but also easy to cause water resistance drop.

Number five: How many waterproof earplugs are there?

Each person's ear hole size and sensitivity is different, can not use a set of earplugs to meet the needs of all people, buy waterproof mp3/waterproof headphones When you choose to have a different size, WATERPROOF MP3 the soft hardness of earplugs products.

How long can the battery be available?

Whether there is a fast charging design, five minutes before going out can meet the two hour or so of the movement demand, full time whether there is at least 10 hours of use time, WATERPROOF MP3 can reduce the trouble of repeated charges.

Seventh recruit: How long is the warranty, is there a quick fix service?

One years of warranty has been the most basic, usually seven days a half months of maintenance wait has been unable to meet the current user needs, if the small problem can be repaired three days or immediately replaced the service, WATERPROOF MP3 but also to reduce the daily movement of the trouble.

Waterproof MP3 adopt international industrial Waterproof grade standard IPX, divided into 0-8 9 levels, 0 is the lowest, 8 is the highest

Level 0 unprotected

Level 1 can eliminate the harmful effects of vertical drop drops

The 2-level pair has a protective effect on water droplets falling in the vertical direction within 15 degrees.

Level 3 eliminates the harmful effects of spray droplets with vertical direction at 60 degrees.

Level 4 can eliminate the harmful effects of splashing water droplets from different directions.

Level 5 can eliminate harmful effects on jets of jet flow to all parties

Level 6 can eliminate harmful effects on all parties to the nozzle's strong jet flow

7-level top from the water 0.15-1 meters, continuous 30 minutes, performance is not affected, no leakage

8-level top from the water 1.5-3 meters, continuous 30 minutes, performance is not affected, no leakage

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