Watch Why Not Pop Up? Fashion People Say

- Mar 16, 2017-

In this day, we can say for sure watch failed to catch on.
Although the development of smart watches for many years, also completed several upgrades of software and hardware developers with many fashion brands to establish a partner relationship, but watch for 3 years later I still can't walk into the mainstream market. In fact, they even the technology industry insiders have yet to conquer.
Well, why is this?
Critic Vanessa Friedman (Vanessa Friedman) in a recent interview with a pithy summary of the issues. When asked whether smart watches will replace the traditional watch, she replied: "I'm sure I will some day, but who knows what when? Problem is, now watch looks too much like a technology product, or too eager to imitate the traditional watches. Must be able to break the shackles of conventional thinking, with a third paradigm to change the situation. "
Friedman of the mean, popular smart watch is not because we are not designing the right product.
No one knows what they seek is
Smart Watches having specific issues, which will let users quickly tire of the watch start not even consider buying them. Smart watches on the market such as Apple and Google Watch (PO) LG watch prices vary, starting as low as $249, the highest up to $1249. Once consumers buy a smart watch, will be deeply felt problems battery problems, as most smartphones in less than a day need to be recharged.
In addition, the smart watch interface is also a problem, watchOS and Android Wear is no exception. Want to watch as with micro-touch-screen smart phone to use or some fool, this experience is not intuitive and very error-prone.
These problems may stem from a smart watch industry growth. Last December, a market research company, released a survey report on the wearable device. Report notes that only 39.5 million adults in the United States have been in 2015 using wearable devices and use at least one month's time, this prediction before it falls far short of 63.7 million subscribers.
Overall, the research firm estimated that wearable device market grew by 24.7%, it had forecast growth of 60%. In other words, the high growth era of wearable device market is yet to come, the industry did not take off. In 2016, the over 15.8% of Americans to use the smart watch; the research company predicted that by 2020, when this may only be increased to 21.1% per cent.
Analyst Kaixi·boyile (Cathy Boyle) said last year: "smart watches use positioning is not clear, it is more feature-rich than fitness tracking devices, but there are many overlaps with Smartphone functions. A relatively high-end, relatively high-priced smart watch is not as popular as expected. "
Problem is, smart watches also did not make clear what they should do, what should be replaced with smart watch fitness tracking devices or mobile phones? Or will they make a feature more high-end watches? This problem also plagued consumers, so they are reluctant to buy Smart Watch.
Third normal form
Watch this confusion in the market is clearly smart watches on sale has been reflected. On one hand, it is certain that people will not hesitate to pay for Apple Watch and put it down, but there are a lot of people bought a Apple Watch soon after it is no longer used, and killing people who don't buy the watch may be more.
All around us there are examples of this. Last Christmas, my father is considering to buy my sister a piece of Apple Watch, but my sister begged me to tell his father that gave her a Christmas present. Although sister father would buy her a beautiful gift and moved, but she said, she thought she would never wear a piece of Apple Watch out.
Apple Watch instead, LG released last month Smart Watch LG Watch Style is more like a normal watch. It looks small, it is not configured 512MB RAM and make public. It is what Friedman called mimic traditional watches products.
When I first saw LG Watch Style marveled at its fashion style, but I don't know why, I lost interest in it after a few days, didn't wear it again.
In fact, most technology companies don't understand fashion, they don't know what people really want to wear smart watches; and most fashion brands do not understand technology, they do not know how to design a smart watch worthy of long-term users have. Smart watches since the mistaken and misleading result, embarrassing situation, which can only lead to Smart Watches always get out of dilemma results.
How do we solve this problem? Perhaps this will be Friedman said the "third paradigm". Friedman believes that smart watches these wearable devices should be designed so that: it is neither watch nor technical equipment, but fusion practical and fashion in one of a kind product. It should be able to attract technology fans, fashionistas and ordinary consumers ' concern, it does not need too many features, as long as people need a few features.

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