The Importance Of Heart Rate Monitors

- Jul 11, 2017-

When the heart rate Monitor operates, the medical staff pastes the heart rate sensor in the patient's chest and pastes the light-emitting diode indicator on the patient's cheek. When pasted, the heart rate sensor sends a signal to the light-emitting diode indicator immediately. If the heart rate is within normal range, the LEDs emit green light in each heartbeat of the heart, and if the heart rate is too high or too low, the LEDs glow red.

The heart rate monitor can improve the work efficiency of the medical staff. Heart Rate Monitor Because the light-emitting diode LED is clear, it will improve the safety of detection and avoid misdiagnosis.

The heart rate monitor includes a user system that is close to the user's skin and communicates with the remote processing system. The user system includes a user processor, a user memory, Heart Rate Monitor coupled to the user processor, a clock signal generator, coupled to the processor; a sensing system coupled to the processor to measure at least the user's heart rate; The user transceiver is coupled to the processor, the user interface is coupled to the processor, and the user antenna is coupled to the transceiver. The user battery is coupled to the user's processor, user memory, clock signal generator, sensing system and user transceiver. Heart Rate Monitor The distal processing system comprises a distal processor, a distal memory, coupled to the distal processor, a remote transceiver, coupled to the distal processor, and a remote antenna coupled to the remote transceiver.

The importance of heart rate monitors for aerobic exercise on treadmills

Aerobic exercise is mainly through the heart rate to reflect the exercise intensity of the movement. The heart rate monitor is important for aerobic equipment, such as through motion on an electric treadmill that keeps the player's heart rate within the target heart rate range. One of the main functions of the electric treadmill heart rate monitor is ear clamp, hand-held and thoracic belt.

1, the ear clip type heart rate monitor does not need to hold the sensor in the movement process, the hands are free to maintain the balance, but the accuracy is lower (±10 within), Heart Rate Monitor the use comfort sex is poor. Normal users in the daily warm-up exercise, rehabilitation and health care exercise in the process of heart rate changes in a small range, the heart rate monitor is not high, Heart Rate Monitor so the ear clip type heart rate monitor is usually used for low-end electric running. Some improved way to the ear clip inside the sensor fixed on the machine evolved into the thumb, in fact, is the same, the same as the other.

2, hand-held heart rate monitor is currently the most widely used in oxygen equipment heart rate monitor mode, high accuracy (between ±5 to ±10), easy to test. Heart Rate Monitor Hand-held heart rate monitors are available on almost all electric treadmills.

3, the chest belt type heart rate monitor is the most accurate heart rate monitor way, the error is within ±5. The sports person wears the wireless chest belt carries on the exercise, the chest belt will the heart rate signal through the wireless signal launches, the electric run integrates has the wireless signal reception device, may receive the heart rate signal accurately. At present, the brand of chest band used in the industry is polar. Polar The company is the world's top heartbeat receiver, the polar system is currently recognized as the most accurate and stable system in the industry. Usage: Put a few drops of water before wearing the chest strap, Heart Rate Monitor apply the hand to the back of the transmitter, and fasten the chest strap directly below the chest. Now the market products are machines with polar receivers, wireless chest launchers are required to buy additional. However, due to high prices, only high-end machines will have a configuration, and most products only in the machine with a wireless receiver, Heart Rate Monitor the chest belt need to buy additional. When the machine carries this function, it will have a corresponding heart rate control program.

All heart rate tests have a certain amount of error, which is related to the accuracy of each customer's use and the physical condition of each person.

So how much heart rate or intensity can be effective in exercising? We usually call this range a target heart rate area. Should be at the maximum heart rate (mhr/220-your age) of 60%-75%. In other words, a 30-year-old friend, the maximum heart rate is 220-30=190. 190*60%=114~190*75%=145, that is, Heart Rate Monitor the heart rate remains in the 114~145 around the exercise is effective and safe. Since the maximum heart rate is an estimate of the heartbeat limit based on physiological conditions, the actual strength should be due to the person, and the novice can usually be kept in 60~65%MHR. If you disregard their physical conditions blindly pursue high strength, it will be detrimental to health.

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