The Heart Rate Monitor Is A Device Dedicated To Medical Monitoring

- Sep 26, 2017-

What is the heart rate monitor? Through the electronic engineering album website professional editor to provide the latest information on the heart rate monitor, master the latest heart rate monitor latest industry news, technical literature, electronic information, Heart Rate Monitor help electronic engineers to enhance the electronic technology platform The

The heart rate monitor includes a user system that is close to the user & apos; s skin and communicates with the remote processing system. The user system comprising: a user processor; a user memory coupled to the user processor; a clock signal generator coupled to the processor; a sensing system coupled to the processor to measure at least the user & apos; s heart rate ; A user transceiver coupled to the processor; Heart Rate Monitor a user interface coupled to the processor; and a user antenna coupled to the transceiver. The user battery is coupled to the user processor, the user memory, the clock signal generator, the sensing system, and the user transceiver. The remote processing system comprising: a remote processor; a remote memory coupled to the remote processor; Heart Rate Monitor a remote transceiver coupled to the remote processor; and a remote antenna coupled to The remote transceiver.

Heart rate monitor is designed for medical monitoring equipment, monitoring the data more accurate, the heart rate monitor and medical institutions similar to the professional equipment, the use of cardiac current measurement method. This device in addition to the need to wear wristwatches, but also need to wear a wireless chest rate in the chest of the user [Note 1], the body every time the heartbeat will have a weak cycle with a heartbeat, Heart Rate Monitor heart rate on both sides of the two electrodes Continuous acquisition of heartbeat current or potential signal, through the radio waves (usually 2.4GHZ high-frequency signal, the advantage of transmission distance and reduce the heart rate signal in the transmission process by other signals interfere with) sent to the terminal (heart rate table).

The heart rate monitor is usually placed on a sports wearable device or a smart watch, which is an additional function with limited accuracy. The photoelectric transmission method is used to measure the heart rate indirectly according to the beat frequency of the pulse. The photoelectric measurement method can be divided into two types. One of the principles is to measure the pulse (such as a smart watch) based on the change in absorbance of hemoglobin [2] in the blood. The wearable device based on this principle requires the configuration of infrared emission and reflection of photoelectricity at the point of contact with the skin (bottom of the dial) Diode sensor, Heart Rate Monitor due to heart beat and contraction led to a slight change in the size of the capillaries before and after this change will change through the subcutaneous tissue red light, resulting in hemoglobin reflected back to the red light changes, Heart Rate Monitor the sensor receives a change in optical signal , It is converted into electrical signals, through the signal acquisition and digital-analog converters to obtain continuous heart rate map.

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