The Best Fitness Tracker 2017

- Aug 18, 2017-

Looking to get fit in 2017? A fitness tracker (aka a fitness band, aka "those things you wear that count your steps") is a decent place to start.

With the market extremely well established there really is something for everyone. Prices range from around £20 to £150+, with products that do little more than count steps and 'track sleep', with varying degrees of inaccuracy, all the way up to devices with heart-rate tracking that are more like scaled down running watches.

The best fitness tracker available today is the Fitbit Charge 2. This nondescript black strap does all the core steps 'n' sleep stuff, but is also handy at the gym, thanks to its heart-rate reader, and can even function as a running watch and wrist-worn cycling tracker, by tapping into your phone's GPS.

Fitbit's app and ecosystem are also by far the best. Seriously, it's not even close. Even the Charge 2 is riddled with flaws, but it's the best of its breed.

Our real recommendation? Use a smartwatch or running watch instead. But if you must have a band, these are the best.

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