Strategy Analytics: Chinese Smart Phone Users To Watch Content Longer Videos

- Mar 16, 2017-

Strategy Analytics user experience strategy (UXS) services according to a new research report assesses the to video services for mobile video users behaviors, preferences, and attitudes. Questionnaires in the smart phone users to watch videos than on the other networked devices (network TV and computers). Due to fewer free video content, user's willingness to pay for video content in China.

Based on user surveys, Strategy Analytics found that they watch video on the Smartphone types before and they are more similar to watch videos on the big screen-long video includes movies, soap operas and variety shows. As China's smart phone users to watch video becomes more and more long, mobile video viewing experience will become more and more important, meeting the needs of users to watch mobile video the changing ability will be crucial.

Strategy Analytics study on multiuser Director Chris Schreiner said 2016, "China Mobile video users behaviors and attitudes important change is that they are more willing to pay for video content. In addition, some users have bought a number of videos to watch to see the contents of that hardware manufacturers seeking closer cooperation with the video service provider offers new opportunities. "

Vice President of Strategy Analytics UXIP Kevin Nolan said, "it provides opportunities for Smartphone preinstalled video services and provides unique advantages, such as multiple sources of content aggregation, a subscription can access multiple services, and discounted or free subscription. This can improve the attractiveness of the brand and consumer loyalty. "

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