Smart Watch Is Still In The Early Adopter Phase

- Mar 16, 2017 -

Smart Watch is still in the stage of early technology adopters
Smart Watches use rate, leading to 12% of the United States, British and Australian usage of 9% and 7%, respectively. In 2015, consumer survey results, watch usage has increased. In 2015, using smart watches us and UK respondents were 8% and 5% respectively.
Watch user layer are mainly distributed in 44 years of age groups. More than half of the Smart Watch (58%) is used every day; non-use every day users (33%) using the times at least once a week. Smart Watch is better able than the cell phone rates and notify users of relevant information; they will carry in the future does not need to rely on more mobile and independent function to display its value.
Fitness Tracker has entered the early stages of mainstream
In terms of fitness Tracker rate, leading to 23% of the United States, British and Australian usage of 15% and 19%, respectively. In 2015, consumer surveys, its usage has increased. In 2015, in the American respondents to use fitness Tracker 17%, Britain, 10%. Most of the fitness Tracker users use every day, and 26% not every user will use several times a week at least.
Some fitness Tracker and fashion brands, hopes to have the designer prices for products to attract new high-end audience, but they face barriers to sales, because 29% of the respondents pointed out that the fitness Tracker unattractive, they prefer not to wear, and that the design of these devices is neither fashionable nor eye-catching.
45 years of age young people often think that the Smartphone is fully able to meet your needs. Among people over age 45 and fitness Tracker ratio is too low, and therefore do not intend to purchase.
From now until 2017, exercise Tracker, replace older products with the main buyers were upgrading for existing users, rather than the initial purchase of a new user. Therefore, providers must find ways to develop potential markets for older users, particularly in middle and old aged women user group to sell lower-priced fitness Tracker.

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