Runtastic Orbit Review

- Aug 31, 2017 -

The design of the Orbit is a small black module that slips into a range of rubber bands. This is the design de jour for a lot of budget bands, and makes customisation easy. The only issue here is that £100 is a lot of cash, and doesn't mitigate for lack of design flair.

Unlike the Fitbit and Jawbone, the Orbit comes with a small LCD display and a physical button. This button enables you to cycle through information that's being recorded. By day that means steps, calories and distance, and when you're running times, distance and pace are displayed instead.

The screen itself is quite low resolution, and this can make it hard to read. The blocky and dull display does make it quite hard to see, especially mid-run.

In some of the more vibrant colours the Runtastic band looks like an impressive and stylish band, but in the plain black band it appears cut-price and decidedly budget. That isn't helped by the Runtastic branding that's stuck onto the display, which looks like it's a sticker that should be peeled off.

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The band itself fastens tightly, and it's comfortable to wear. We didn't notice it during the day, and the rubber strap is comfortable on the skin.

The Orbit is fully waterproof, which means you can take it swimming with you. Of course, there's no dedicated swimming mode, but it will calculate your calories while you're in the pool.

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