Personal Wearable Products Are Becoming A New Trend

- Mar 16, 2017-

With mobile communication, intelligent, speech, somatosensory, biological and information technology progress, wearable product market is booming, all kinds of innovation after another, increasing product range, market acceptance continued to improve.
Meet individual needs is a trend in the mobile Internet era. Personalization is a wearable products "needed" one. Personalization is becoming a big trend of wearable products, wearable product homogeneity and even the lower-level individual market characteristics will fade away.
Wearable product is highly personal non-necessities. Only acutely captures people's individual needs to successfully promote wearable products. Wearable product should comply with the user's habits and aesthetic and attractive to users, to form good habits, willing to wear experience and would like to long term use. Wearable product personalization not only in hardware and software customization and flexible configuration and control, but also through the use of Internet, mobile Internet, data and other new technologies to personalized service. Only in the full mining and product-related technical inner wear common exchange point and at the same time, continue to launch customized applications and services, to make wearable products out of their "toys" like "chicken ribs" image, highlighting the effect of fusion technology and fashion shows its usefulness, to better meet the user's individual requirements and individual needs. Wearable product manufacturers and service providers also only do enough in personalized, can win in the fierce market competition.
Wearable products "connected with people" stunt brought vast imagination, show great market potential. Through monitoring, analysis, daily exercise, sleep, heart rate and other body of a number of indicators, you can get people's feedback, real-time understanding of relevant health, timely detection of health problems, and should more actively. Such as: can embed nano-sensors in the personal clothing. People dress up in costume, you can detect the status (such as whether the amount is reasonable, whether the need for timely replenishment, the psychological pressure is too large), to more targeted exercise; can also use 3D printing technology to print out their own smart shirt. With the development of personalized wearable products, fitness for the future will be based on more data, more personalized. Personalized wearable products also helped to achieve accurate personalized medical care.
The future, more and more personalized wearable products will go into people's lives. These personalized wearable products will be worn on different parts of the body, and meet people's individual needs.

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