New Wearable Device: Intelligent Watches

- Mar 16, 2017 -

Hybrid Smart Watch sounds is a relatively new concept, it combines the mechanical watch and watch, hoping to get the advantages of both. Of course, this is the designer's hopes.
Hybrid intelligent watch combines the advantages of both, both smart watch technology and the General look and feel of the watch.
Hybrid intelligent watch wearable market might become a new favorite. Intelligent while the watch is worn on the wrist, but in terms of appearance and function are closer to a Smartphone. You can imagine, worn on the wrist, Smartphone, that feels like not so good. Not only that, and watch more bulky, battery life is very poor.
Normal watches just so it can make up for deficiencies, exquisite appearance, battery, and looking very thin dial.
To tell the truth, watches and mobile phones are different, functions of your watch is a decorative, needs and clothing matching, but smart watch design is not as diverse as fashion watches, most of them are black, it's hard to match. Hybrid intelligent watches can be described as traditional fashion watches and compromise between Smart Watch. To meet user functional needs, that can satisfy the pursuit of fashion.

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