MSC’s Smart Wristbands And New Technology Coming To The Line’s Miami Cruise Ships

- Aug 24, 2017-

Continuing a technology trend rippling through the cruise industry, Geneva-based MSC, which has a ship that sails from Miami, last week announced new smart bands built to enhance the cruising experience.

The line’s new MSC for Me encompasses 130 different technological functions, the result of a three-year project in collaboration with brands including Deloitte Digital, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Samsung, MSC announced at a news conference in Berlin. The smart watch, which is similar to Royal Caribbean Cruises’ WOW band, has geo-location (parents can see where there kids are at all times, for instance) and is attached to an app available for passengers on mobile devices, stateroom TVs and interactive screens around the ship.

Crew can also access passenger profiles on their own tablets, allowing them to offer personalized suggestion. Facial recognition in the app will also help crew identify passengers.

For travelers, the technology will feature way-finding navigation — think Google Maps, — facilitate purchases, including requesting services from staff and booking excursions, serve as a daily activity organizer, and offer suggestions based on guest preferences.

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