MP3 With Recording Function

- Oct 23, 2017-

MP3 function

1. Built-in flash: This should be the most user-focused parameter. In fact, it's like a computer hard drive, which determines the size of your MP3 capacity. From the early 16M, 32M to the present 64M, 128M, 256M, and the existing 512M. In general, we often use a 128KBPS compression rate of MP3 per head about 3-5m.

2. Expanded memory: the equivalent of adding capacity to your computer. The difference is that this increased flash is based on MP3 's different, can have CF card, SM card, MMC card, SD card and other options. CF cards are used by early MP3 now because of the size and power consumption, has been rarely used; MP3 SM cards should be regarded as the most widely used expansion card in the current MP3, the second generation of MMC cards are also used more; SD cards are developed on the basis of the MMC card, So it's backwards--that is, if your MP3 supports the SD card, it can generally support the MMC card, but the MP3 in the MMC card slot does not support the SD card. MP3 In addition to the cards listed above, Sony also pushes a memory stick expansion card, generally used only in Sony models, rarely see other products used.

3. MP3 Support format: sample rate, general support 44. 1kHz, very few MP3 machines support 48kHz MP3 files; bit rate, MP3 file can be used in general is 8~320kbps, but the different MP3 machine in this respect the scope of support is not the same, of course, the wider the better; VBR, dynamic code, MP3 now out of the MP3 machine most of the support VBR, Old machine This is less, this is also a good support, because it can be in the same sound quality to get a better experience.

4. Support WMA: WMA is a format that Microsoft promotes, it can be smaller than the MP3 format file under the same sound quality, so having this function is equal to increasing the capacity of the MP3 machine in disguise. Its compression rate is generally 5~192kbps. The thing to note here is that with the windows with the WMP of their own compression, there is a copyright protection option to be removed, otherwise the pressure out of the WMA in MP3 can not play; There are general charging site Download wma file, there are encryption, MP3 because different sites use different encryption algorithms, so at present, There is no uniform and convenient way to crack. This also needs attention, do not always complain-how my MP3 clearly said to support the WMA format, I can not play.

5. Other file formats: This is more miscellaneous, such as ASF, WAV, in fact, from a practical point of view, the current playback file is also MP3 and WMA more easy to use, others are not popular, or too bulky, no practical significance.

6. FM: FM radio function. This is an additional function of MP3. MP3 From a practical point of view, now MP3 this aspect does not do very well, should say is not as ordinary radio-receive range, precision and so on there is a gap, can only be said to be a useful supplement. Of course, if you focus on this function, MP3 there are also good products. But overall, the proposal only serves as a reference for the purchase of MP3-really want to listen to the radio,

Spend dozens of yuan alone to buy a front of the ordinary radio, it is definitely more expensive than the cost to increase this function. On the specific models, for FM, different products also have broken down: whether you can save the selected channels, how many channels can be saved, stereo and normal channel can be set by their own or machine to set.

7. Recording function: It is divided into external recording and internal recording. External recording, is directly recorded voice and other outside sounds; Record directly, use audio lines, record CDs, tape drives, etc. The effect of direct recording, at present, is not ideal (refers to the need to record music), MP3 because either the use of ADPCM format, their own sample rate is low, or although the use of MP3, WMA format recording, but because the encoding operation is not strong, so the effect is not good. Therefore, it would be disappointing to suggest that it should not pay attention to sound quality unless it is recorded in English textbooks. And in the impact of the accuracy of the recording, the same as the FM function, the different models also have detailed options: whether the frequency of the recording can be adjusted, the external mic, the format of the recording file (ADPCM, MP3, WMA or other manufacturers custom format), Whether the recording file can be uploaded and played (for those who need to save the recording file and edit the user, this is a great significance).

8. Repetition function: From the current MP3 products, the basic functions should have: Single cycle, multiple-warp cycle, fast forward, fast retreat,-repetition (any point between repetition). MP3 There are also some advanced features, and now there are products that add new features: Voice speed (some models can be adjusted between 50%-200%), the set number of seconds back to read, audio-text synchronization.

9. Removable Storage: There are two types of drive and drive. Most of the MP3 machine for copyright protection considerations, the use of a self-contained management program to achieve MP3 machine and computer files between upload, download. Now out of the MP3 general to non-music format files are supporting file management, that is, can achieve these files upload, download. and whether the need to install the driver, MP3 only affect the specific use of the environment-if it is a fixed computer, even if there is no matter what the drive, if it is often transferred between different computers, of course, recommend no drive-type, after all, MP3 free from the installation of management program trouble. (The non-flooding here is also relative to the WIN98 operating system)

$number. Battery: Divided into the use of ordinary batteries (AA refers to No. 5th batteries, AAA refers to No. 7th batteries) and special batteries. Recommend the use of ordinary battery products, because the use of ordinary battery products you can purchase the rechargeable battery to achieve the effect of the latter, MP3 while the use of special batteries, it is easy to have batteries after the failure to match the special battery of annoyance. Of course, the special battery has a benefit, can realize the body shape of thinner. Related to it

Of course the playback time-the longer the better, it's needless to say.

$number. Interface: The early general is the mouth, now basically is the USB interface. The advantage is that the transfer rate is fast and supports hot-swappable. Note that the USB specification has 1. 1 and 2. 0. The usual 1. 1, 2. 0 rarely seen. There are also some special uses for the 1394 interface. With the increase of MP3 capacity, there will be more attention in this area, because the faster the speed, the larger the capacity of the machine to reflect its benefits.

$number. LCD display: Includes backlight, backlight color, mode (el or other type). At present, the use of El Backlight, at the point of light because of the factors of the boost, there will be background noise, so when you find out how to MP3 some of the noise when you need to pay attention to whether this effect.

$number. Support language: Is the type of language displayed on the screen. English is sure, domestic users certainly want to support Chinese. One of the things to say is that most of the MP3 now can only be used to show the name of the song, and many are supported by multiple languages.

$number. ID3 Support: ID3 is the song name of the music file, and whether the author can display it (not the filename).

$number. TTS Features: TTS (text-to-speech) is the abbreviation of speech synthesis technology, also known as the text-to-speech technology, or the text conversion system, MP3 refers to the use of computers to convert any combination of text files into sound files, and through the sound card, telephone voice card and other multimedia equipment to the sound output technology, Simply put, the machine to "read" the text data. TTS Technology has an intelligent language learning function, can automatically remember, self training, MP3 flexible voice tone choice, so its sound effect natural, coherent and no jerky feeling.

$number. EQ (equalize) Equalizer: where Paragraphic eq is a parametric graphic equalizer, Graphic eq is a graphical equalizer. Multi-segment variable equalizer with sliding controller as parameter adjustment. The identification of the sliding controller corresponds to its frequency response. MP3 The center frequency and bandwidth of each frequency band are fixed.

$number. Of course, in addition to the above, there are also camera features, photo functions, E-book Functions, custom logo, timer shutdown, alarm clock function, Bluetooth features and the appearance of the screen above the browsing pictures, games.

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