MP3 To Multi-functional Aspects Of Development

- Jun 27, 2017-

MP3 function more and more, it and PDA, mobile phone, are to multi-functional aspects of development, as much as possible to absorb the function of other products in order to increase the selling point of the product. When you want to start on demand, do not blindly pursue multi-function, the more expensive the more expensive, and buy back, you will find that many are not used with this.

● removable hard disk: the computer directly to the MP3 as a mobile storage, MP3 can store music outside the various files.

● firmware upgrade: to solve the product after the release of known software, hardware failure, add new features.

● Folder browsing: according to the folder to store different songs, and play as a unit, without all MP3 are placed in the same directory below, improve management ease of use.

● Multi-language: mainly support Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Japanese, English, and some models even have 26 languages.

● A-B repeat: repeatedly read a certain content, easy to learn foreign language.

● text reading: usually only the big screen MP3 has this feature, you can see when the e-book, some products also support the PDA text format. If the firmware capacity is enough, you can also download a variety of different Chinese and foreign fonts. Automatic reel function is also very useful, MP3 automatically up or down when the background lights long bright, not only save their own turn the trouble, but also completely make up for the shortcomings of a small display. Even while reading while listening to MP3, as the function of simplified PDA.

● TTS (text-to-speech, text read aloud), the text directly with MP3 sound converted to text, the machine sound without tone and rhythm changes, it sounds strange, but it is not suitable for reading lazy.

● dictionary: English and Chinese dictionaries, used for translation purposes, note that the MP3 control keys are limited, the input of English words is not easy.

● Automatic recording function: through the SAD (Sound Activity Detector, sound activated detectors), can set the silent length of time, only when there is sound when recording, not only save memory space, MP3 but also save time in playback.

● Remote recording: the use of AGC (Auto Gain Control, automatic gain control), adjustable sensitivity and recording quality (low, heavy, high), for long-distance external recording, such as: conference.

● FM: listen to the radio, many products can preset a number of channels, without each adjustment.

● FM recording: the contents of the station as MP3, some products also FM recording! You can enter the day of the week, how many minutes began to record the number of Hertz channels, which for the favorite radio programs or foreign language learning program will not be missed because of busy, you can record down slowly listen.

● EQ settings: is the sound settings. Almost every product will have several preset sound settings, such as ordinary, rock, jazz, pop, classical. Some MP3 also supports custom sound settings, the user can customize according to their own preferences. But no LCD display products, these EQ settings almost no exist, only their own curing a sound mode. So for some special loyal love personality music friends seem a bit cruel.

● Direct recording: the external audio source (CD / MD Walkman, home audio, computer) encoding compressed music files, the existence of MP3. As the MP3 player built-in encoding chip performance is poor, MP3 the sound quality than the computer compressed music files.

● Clock: time setting can be entered on the day, time, but also as a watch used.

● Timing shutdown: can set the time in the 0 ~ 180 minutes between the time off, of course, can also set 0 to 60 minutes between the no operation automatically shut down, the most convenient to sleep before going to bed.

● picture browser: not only can browse the camera down, but also can enjoy the computer to download the picture. Because the MP3 screen is small, the resolution is relatively high to see the picture will feel exceptionally beautiful, but most of the screen has a proportional limit, the proportion will not be deformed and can not show the normal phenomenon.

● digital camera: the camera as early as the camera, using 10 - 30 million pixels 1 / 5.5 "CMOS lens, CMOS main drawback is the slow sense of sensitivity, so in a well-lit environment to shoot out the effect is better. The advantage is the small size, the most suitable for MP3 players in the camera itself has a variety of functions, to digital zoom, a variety of effects shooting.

MP3 format features

1.MP3 is a data compression format 2. It discards the data that is not important to human auditory data (similar to JPEG is a lossy image compression) in the pulse code modulation (PCM) audio data, thus achieving a much smaller file size The

3.MP3 audio can be compressed at different bit rates, providing a range of trade-offs between data size and sound quality. The MP3 format uses a hybrid conversion mechanism to convert the time domain signal into a frequency domain signal

4.32 Band Multiphase Integral Filter (PQF)

5.36 or 12 tap modified discrete cosine filter (MDCT); each subband size can be independently selected between 0 ... 1 and 2 ... 31

6.MP3 not only has a wide range of client software support, there are a lot of hardware support such as portable media player (referring to MP3 player) DVD and CD player.

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