MP3 's Format Has Many

- Jul 11, 2017-

MP3 is a kind of audio compression technology, because this kind of compression method's full name is called MPEG Audio Layer3, so people call it MP3. MP3 is using the MPEG Audio Layer 3 technique to compress the music at 1:10 or even 1:12 of the compression rate to smaller file sizes, in other words, to compress the files to a lesser extent if the sound loss is small. MP3 But also very good to maintain the original sound quality. It is because of the small size of MP3, high quality of the characteristics of the MP3 format almost become synonymous with online music. The MP3 format of the music per minute is only about 1MB, so the size of each song is only 3-4 megabytes. Use the MP3 player to perform real-time decompression (decoding) of the MP3 file, so that high-quality MP3 music is played out.

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The MP3 file is broadly divided into three parts: Tag_v2 ($literal), audio data, TAG_V1 ($literal)

A. $literal at the beginning of the document, including the author, composer, album and other information, the length is not fixed, expanding the amount of $literal.

B. A series of audio data frames, MP3 in the middle of the file location, the number of files by the size and length of the frame;

The length of each frame may not be fixed, or it may be fixed, determined by the bit rate bitrate

Each frame is divided into frame headers and data entities two parts

The frame header records the MP3 bit rate, sample rate, version and other information, each frame is independent of each other.

C. $literal at the end of the file, including the author, composer, album and other information, length of 128Byte.

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