MP3 Player Is A Good Sport Partner

- Jun 13, 2017 -

So MP3 player still has the meaning of existence? Here we will analyze the future market prospects.

MP3 player is a good sport partner.

In addition to commuting, music fills every cell in our movement. Although the smart phone belongs to the Almighty, but the huge volume has become a drag in the movement, in the runway wantonly sway sweat when still want to look at this huge "big uncle", it is too not to enjoy.

The MP3 player has a great advantage in the field of motion, such as ipod Shuffle and SanDisk clip jam, which can be easily fastened to the clothes and run without any encumbrance. However, MP3 Player they generally lack Bluetooth functionality, so the headphone line becomes the most annoying constraint of movement.

MP3 Player Price Advantage obvious

MP3 is easy to carry and inexpensive, so even if it is inadvertently damaged or lost in the exercise, it will not be so painful. In addition, because of the simple function, the MP3 player's life is generally very strong, MP3 Player so you do not have to worry about the phone to listen to song consumption.

No streaming music to listen to

Although MP3 still has its own advantages, but users of electronic products know that the current market MP3 do not provide streaming media music support, MP3 Player which has become a barrier to many users to buy one of the important factors.

With the rise of streaming music, it takes a fee to enjoy a tens of thousands of-song library, which is much cheaper than the traditional single purchase. Apple Watch and Pebble Core have merged Apple Music and Spotify services, and if the MP3 player wants to be a part of it again, MP3 Player they need to make changes with the times.

is MP3 player worth buying?

In fact, this question is very good answer. If you are a high quality music collector and listen to the song very picky, then MP3 player is still your best choice. But if you listen to songs and you like to use streaming music, MP3 Player don't waste your money on players.

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