MP3 Can Increase Memory

- May 27, 2017 -

MP3 by the memory (memory card), display, the central processing unit, decoding DSP (digital signal processor) and other components.

Card MP3 is actually no memory of the ordinary MP3, with a memory card instead of internal memory, the memory card into the MP3, and ordinary MP in the use of the operation is basically the same, more advantage than the use of ordinary MP3:

1. Card MP3 because of video, songs and other stored on the card, MP3 the download to be convenient, at any time to take down the card, with a card reader to insert the computer to download, you can also plug in the phone to download;

2. card MP3 use, if you feel that memory is not enough, MP3 you can always replace the memory card, increase memory, and ordinary MP3 can not do;

3 card MP3 low price, such as the use of frequency is not high, MP3 with mobile phones and other shared memory card, saving money.

MP3 is an audio compression technology, its full name is the dynamic image expert compression standard audio level 3, referred to as MP3. It is designed to significantly reduce the amount of audio data. Using MPEG Audio Layer 3 technology, the music to 1:10 or even 1:12 compression rate, compressed into smaller files, MP3 and for most users to reproduce the sound quality and the original uncompressed audio compared to no The apparent decline. Music stored in MP3 format is called MP3 music, can play MP3 music machine is called MP3 player.

MP3 is the use of human ears on the high-frequency sound signal is not sensitive to the characteristics of the time domain waveform signal into frequency domain signals, and divided into multiple frequency bands, different frequency bands using different compression rate, high frequency increase compression ratio (Or even ignore the signal) on the low-frequency signal using a small compression ratio to ensure that the signal is not distorted. This is equivalent to abandoning the human ear can not hear the high-frequency sound, MP3 only to retain the low-frequency parts can be heard, so the sound with 1:10 or even 1:12 compression rate compression. Because of this compression method called MPEG Audio Player3, so it is referred to as MP3.

MP3 audio can be compressed at different bit rates, providing a range of trade-offs between data size and sound quality. The MP3 format uses a hybrid conversion mechanism to convert the time domain signal into a frequency domain signal;

, MP3 not only has a wide range of client software support, there are a lot of hardware support such as portable media player (referring to MP3 player) DVD and CD player.

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