Monitoring The Important Role We Play In Our Lives

- Nov 01, 2017-

Now monitoring has entered the ordinary people's home, so we all think that the installation of monitoring is very necessary, then what is the best place to install the monitoring? Below we have communicated with the professional who monitors installs, arrive at the following points:

First, all-weather, multi-faceted vigilance video surveillance, saving human and financial resources. After all, people's energy is limited, and the range of human vision is limited. Monitor The use of monitoring, can be all-weather monitoring and viewing, to ensure the security of Community personnel property. And, in an increasingly expensive era, using surveillance for security is a good way to reduce security costs.

Second, real-time monitoring video, you can call up records at any time to facilitate the illegal conduct of the activities of proof. For example, in the area of the entrance and installation of peripheral areas to prevent monitoring, not only can view the situation of people in the community, Monitor real-time view of the surrounding situation, if the abnormal situation, can react immediately to protect the security of personal property in the community. If there are outsiders to linger in the neighborhood, in the vicinity of the case, can also be found in time to discharge unsafe hidden dangers.

Third, the surveillance video can provide strong evidence for the dispute. In the household rest area, if the loss of property, monitoring can take the process, can provide strong evidence in the dispute. If you install Sentinel monitoring in a residential parking place, Monitor you can not only protect the vehicle's safety, deter the person from stealing, but also provide sufficient video evidence when the vehicle has been damaged or stolen. In the residential floor installation monitoring, if there is "Spider-Man" to steal, can also provide video evidence for the police to solve the case.

The purpose of installation monitoring is to better protect our property as well as the occurrence of disputes or disagreements when providing a good video proof of the restoration site, monitoring is not used to violate other people's privacy, do not feel that the monitoring is not to trust others, Monitor on the contrary, monitoring just villain, regardless of gentleman, for everyone to create a safe environment. Monitoring system plays a more and more important role in production and life, become an indispensable part of people's lives a safety barrier, banks, supermarkets, shopping malls, shops, factories, schools, communities, Internet cafes, Monitor public transport and other public areas of the need for monitoring is self-evident, the public security agencies rely on video surveillance aids detection rate is also a rapid surge , with the construction of Safe city, the monitoring system will integrate into our life and play his role.

Summarize some of the important roles that monitoring plays in our lives:

① display real-time monitoring screen; You can control the situation of the monitoring area in real time without leaving the monitor room or computer, improve the work efficiency, and monitor the monitoring area for 24 hours without leakage.

② after the video inquiry; If there is a theft incident can not be found in time to stop, we may be able to adjust video playback, so that outlaws are nowhere to shield form, Monitor for the public security organs to provide important clues. 

③ to the villain to do evil deterrent effect; when he realized that he was exposed to surveillance, he dared not reach for his hand and would be caught. (Perhaps you will pull back a misguided person).

④ Convenient management staff timely understanding of the production, work progress and status, without personally to the workshop and the scene can also achieve personnel, material scheduling.

⑤ network remote viewing operation control; As long as you have a network of computers or mobile phones can be real-time view of the area you installed monitoring, Monitor so that you can work, travel and anytime you want to see。

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