Monitor And Protect The Personal Property Of Personnel In The Community

- Oct 23, 2017 -

Now monitoring has entered the ordinary people's home, so we all think that the installation of monitoring is very necessary, then what is the best place to install the monitoring? The following we have to communicate with the Chengdu monitoring and installation professionals, to arrive at the following points:

First, all-weather, multi-faceted vigilance video surveillance, saving human and financial resources. After all, people's energy is limited, and the range of human vision is limited. Monitor The use of monitoring, can be all-weather monitoring and viewing, to ensure the security of Community personnel property. And, in an increasingly expensive era, Monitor using surveillance for security is a good way to reduce security costs.

Second, real-time monitoring video, you can call up records at any time to facilitate the illegal conduct of the activities of proof. For example, in the area of the entrance and installation of peripheral areas to prevent monitoring, not only can view the situation of people in the community, Monitor real-time view of the surrounding situation, if the abnormal situation, can react immediately to protect the security of personal property in the community. If there are outsiders to linger in the neighborhood, in the vicinity of the case, can also be found in time to discharge unsafe hidden dangers.

Third, the surveillance video can provide strong evidence for the dispute. In the household rest area, if the loss of property, monitoring can take the process, can provide strong evidence in the dispute. If you install Sentinel monitoring in a residential parking place, you can not only protect the vehicle's safety, deter the person from stealing, but also provide sufficient video evidence when the vehicle has been damaged or stolen. Monitor In the residential floor installation monitoring, if there is "Spider-Man" to steal, can also provide video evidence for the police to solve the case.

There's so much to install and monitor.

, if you do not have the monitor installed, should you also consider installing one?

Monitoring performance and Features

Monitoring is the power system control, management core, replace the human power system maintenance and management, with four remote functions: "Telemetry", "Remote Letter", "Remote Control", "remote tone". Monitoring the use of decentralized measurement and control, Monitor centralized management of the distribution model, this design idea makes the system composition expansion convenient, flexible, and can reduce the monitoring system introduced fault factors, the main characteristics of monitoring:

The distributed measuring system based on microprocessor is applied to the charging module, charging, feeding cabinet, battery pack and DC bus to insulate the ground, and implement omni-directional monitoring, measurement and control.

The monitoring system uses the modular structure design, Monitor each part undertakes the relative independent work, one part appears the breakdown, does not affect other part's work, on the other hand enhances the system reliability, at the same time facilitates the maintenance management, causes the maintenance work to change simple, fast.

Power system expansion is convenient, flexible, without additional investment in the monitoring system, you can expand the system.

Power system monitoring module to provide RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, modem a variety of communication methods, users can be required to form a variety of forms of power centralized monitoring system.

Open Interface design enables the power system to be conveniently connected to other centralized monitoring and maintenance systems.

Power system monitoring module using large-screen dot matrix liquid crystal display, Monitor all Chinese display, easy to operate, easy to learn to master.

Various states, the display of alarm information intuitive, clear, can enable users to timely and accurate grasp of the power system operation and strong conditions.

The power supply background Maintenance management software, provides the friendly entire Chinese image interface. Full consideration of various communication lines, Monitor with a variety of error correction functions.

Benefits of installation Monitoring:

1, All-weather, multi-directional monitoring, saving human and material resources.

2, real-time monitoring video, you can call up records at any time, to facilitate the illegal activities to lift.

3, restrain the behavior of the activity area personnel, Monitor play the deterrent effect.

4, to facilitate the overall management of the situation, understanding of production and work.

5. Improve production efficiency.

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