How To Choose Sport Waterproof MP3?

- Mar 16, 2017-

1. is salt water, salt and sweat?
Beach, snorkeling and surfing will be exposed to water, sweat also has the movement of salt, seawater and salt water resistant MP3 effects can also avoid land sports sweat, recommendations to buy, but still recommended after each use rinse well maintenance.

2. how deep is the water?
General international standard swimming pools of water up to three meters deep, in order to avoid the uncertain factor, please try to choose IPX8 and three-to five-meter deep waterproof MP3

3. heat resistance, moisture resistance?
Other than swimming, bathing, bath, SPA music are also popular activities, bath SPA water temperature is high and water, buying waterproof MP3, select tolerance 50 degree waterproof MP3.

4. the headset has no separate design?
Life of the headphones is usually shorter than the host and production design by separating waterproof MP3 can be used with different headphones, earphones if you have any questions you can directly replace the headset, reduce the time and cost of future maintenance of waiting. Also need to pay attention to the size of the headphones, headphone structure too much easy squeeze ears would cause discomfort, or are likely to cause water resistance drops.

5. a waterproof earbuds for sets?
Each person's ear size and sensitivity, not only with a set of ear plugs meet all human needs, purchase waterproof MP3/waterproof headphones, please choose a different size, soft ear plugs product.

6. how long battery available?
Is there a fast design, fully five minutes before you go out will meet the needs of around two hours of exercise, whether there is at least more than 10 hours on a single full time, can reduce the time of rechargeable the trouble.

7. the long, fast repair service?
One-year warranty is the most basic, are waiting seven days half a month of maintenance has been unable to meet the needs of the current user, if small problems can immediately repair or replacement service for three days, can reduce problems for exercise every day.

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