Homogenization Of Wearable Device Market Needs In China Out Of The Predicament

- Mar 16, 2017-

Wearable device market in China is a hot spot. According to IDC's China quarterly wearable device tracker in 2016, the fourth quarter showed, wearable device market in 2016, China still maintained fast development trend, shipments for the year 2015 from 68.1%. 2016 wearable device shipments in the fourth quarter as 12.43 million units, an increase of 53.5%. Among them, the bracelets, children's watches, smart shoes based wearable device, represented an increase of 62.7%. But it's worth noting is, mainly to watch smart-wearable devices fell 14.1%, and the reason is that the homogeneity of the product seriously.
So, where does growth come from? Leading enterprise's growing operational capability plays an important role. For example, in 2016 fourth quarter of hand ring market Shang, millet with "double 11" of excellent performance and supply chain of strengthened, towards to has more of market share; and in watches market, small genius online Xia channel of steady also further help its consolidation has in children watches market Shang of leading status; Huawei is by child brand glory new watches of promoted, in this quarter made obviously growth.
However, wearable device market in China is developing rapidly, but with product form with the progressive sound and feature-rich, homogeneity problems are more obvious. China wearable device manufacturers in the market segments of precise positioning and vertical integration, an important breakthrough will be the next phase of market development. At present, the smart-wearable device market in China is still in the trial stage of product-driven, market was greatly influenced by external factors such as product generation. The future, with the independence of smart wearable device and scene experience optimization and mode of application will be more mature, after training and user requirements are fully mobilized, of product market will attempt to drive the demand-driven transition to mature and usher in a stable and rapid growth.
Then China wearable device manufacturers on the market segment intensive? Pan Xuefei, senior analyst of IDC China wearable device market: "manufacturers need to accumulate technology based on the crowd, scenes, industry and other dimensions of the market for fine management, combined with its own genetic characteristics, targeting market segments play fast, accurate, steady blow. "Specifically, create differentiated, independence is a wearable device manufacturers next intensive goals and vertical industry applications is an important position.

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