Heart Rate Monitor To Improve Work Efficiency

- Jul 21, 2017 -

The heart rate monitor utilizes an electrode type heart rate sensor, which is often more complex and bulky and therefore can not be applied to smaller wearable devices. At present most of the mobile device side of the sensor is a light through the light measurement of the optical heart rate sensor, that is, Heart Rate Monitor through the LED lighting capillaries, blood flow monitoring to obtain BPM (number of heartbeat per minute). If you want to get more accurate monitoring data, photoelectricity heart rate sensor is often the actual monitoring of the environment requires a very high, that users can not speak, can not move, can not sweat, so in the sports environment, Heart Rate Monitor the probability of error will be relatively large.

Heart rate monitors need to be worn on the chest, not only expensive, but also have a greater burden to wear.

When the heart rate monitor is in operation, the medical staff posts the heart rate sensor on the patient's chest and attaches the LED pointer to the patient's cheek. After the paste is good, the heart rate sensor immediately sends a signal to the LED indicator. Heart Rate Monitor If the heart rate in the normal range, the indicator light in the heart every time when the green light, if the heart rate is too high or too low, the indicator light is red.

Heart rate monitor can improve the efficiency of health care workers. As the light-emitting diode indicator at a glance, it will improve the detection of security, to avoid misdiagnosis.

The application of heart rate monitors has played a significant role in the research and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, and the bioelectric signals they record in cardiac activity have become an important basis for clinical diagnosis. Based on the theory of myocardial electrophysiology, Heart Rate Monitor this paper discusses the design principle and hardware design of portable multi-function heart rate monitor. It not only has other heart rate monitors to carry, record, store and display the basic functions of heart rate values, more timely alarm, clear LCD display and record heart rate variability (HRV) features and through the computer interface real-time transmission, Heart Rate Monitor display and storage ECG waveforms. The heart rate meter can be used for clinical heart rate monitoring; and for the manual labor labor intensity determination, athletes and soldiers training intensity determination to provide a solid and essential physiological indicators; at the same time HRV is a can easily reveal the human autonomic nervous system control State of the method, it will become the future clinical disciplines in the examination of autonomic nervous system functional status of the more sensitive means. So HRV measurement and recording more for the diagnosis of clinical cardiovascular disease to provide a reliable basis.

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