Heart Rate Monitor Enhances Health Care Workers ' Productivity

- Oct 11, 2017-

The heart rate monitor consists of a timing circuit, a signal input circuit, a single steady-state harmonic oscillation circuit, a counting and a display circuit.

The heart rate monitor monitors your heartbeat, timed and prolonged continuous measurement patterns, real-time ECG measurements, instant detection, cloud storage and sharing functions, ECG and measurement statistics and hints, to be confirmed by physicians. Heart Rate Monitor So you can get to know your physical condition anytime, anywhere.

Heart rate monitor is a kind of monitor that can conveniently detect heart rate, it consists of timing circuit, signal input circuit, and it is composed of single steady-state harmonic oscillator circuit, counting circuit and digital display circuit. Timing circuit by the time base ICYF555 chip and auxiliary circuit set 60 seconds power supply signal input circuit, signal input circuit by sound sensor m including acoustic sensor shell A, Heart Rate Monitor and transistor amplification circuit, the acoustic sensor is placed in the user's chest-front cardiac pacing region induced heartbeat signal, The induction of the heartbeat signal input to its excited single steady-state harmonic oscillator circuit, it is a single steady-state harmonic oscillator circuit of the operational amplifier output of heart sound source pulse to the counting circuit, Heart Rate Monitor each heart sound source pulse cumulative and displayed in the display circuit.

The heart rate monitor includes a user system that is close to the user's skin and communicates with the remote processing system. The user system comprises a user processor, a user memory, Heart Rate Monitor coupled to the user processor; a clock signal generator coupled to the processor; a sensing system coupled to the processor to measure at least the user's heart rate; A user transceiver, coupled to the processor, a user interface, coupled to the processor, and a user antenna, Coupled to the transceiver. The user battery is coupled to the user's processor, user memory, clock signal generator, sensing system and user transceiver. Heart Rate Monitor The distal processing system comprises a distal processor, a distal memory, coupled to the distal processor, a remote transceiver, coupled to the distal processor, Heart Rate Monitor and a remote antenna coupled to the remote transceiver.

When the heart rate monitor is operating, the medical staff pastes the heart rate sensor in the patient's chest and pastes the light-emitting diode indicator on the patient's cheek. When pasted, the heart rate sensor sends a signal to the light-emitting diode indicator immediately. Heart Rate Monitor If the heart rate is within normal range, the LEDs emit green light in each heartbeat of the heart, and if the heart rate is too high or too low, the LEDs glow red.

Heart rate monitors can improve the efficiency of health care workers. Because the light-emitting diode LED is clear, it will improve the safety of detection and avoid misdiagnosis.

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