Gps Watch With Coordinates And Azimuth Information Characteristics

- Sep 15, 2017 -

GPS watch is now not a rare thing, to provide custody of the custody of the direct custody of the way. The custodian directly through the SMS query tracking the location of the custodian, GPS Watch without monitoring the system, without monitoring the system monthly fee;

GPS Watch Support two key speed dial two-way call function, SOS emergency call;

GPS Watch SOS button to send out emergency information and send the exact location to the guard center;

Built-in microphone, GPS Watch support remote monitoring function;

GPS Watch Call automatic answering function;

Low power alarm function;

Mode switching function;

Server switching function;

GPS timing function, display speed, coordinates and orientation information.

The basic functions of the GPS watch include tracking, mapping, GPS Watch using the collected data to calculate the number of steps and speed, with additional features of the GPS watch can monitor the wearer's heart rate, measurement height and so on. Some GPS wristwatches are preloaded with map applications and with Bluetooth connectivity. Of course, the more rich the function, the more the price of GPS watches will be more expensive.

GPS watch built-in heart rate detector, 3GB music file storage may be the key, GPS Watch comes standard with Bluetooth earplugs. GPS watch is not too much decoration, but the tracking function is still quite accurate.

GPS watches are often generic and can also be used for some sport. For example, golf enthusiasts may be more inclined to preloaded the map of the GPS watch, Triathlon athletes need multi-function GPS watches, including waterproof, calculate the distance and speed.

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