GPS Watch Is Powerful

- Jun 13, 2017 -

GPS watches can record the mileage, average velocity, instantaneous velocity, and velocity curve of your run. After training, you can transfer to your computer or website, using software to analyze your running behavior and get data graphs and streamlined running advice.

The biggest feature of GPs watches is portability and ease of view, as well as features such as virtual running partners, training programs, heart rate statistics, and computing the maximum amount of oxygen in the high-end models.

Then there is the excellent water resistance. Sweat, GPS Watch rain do not worry, even when swimming can be worn.

Whether it is cycling, running or other, GPS watches become the favorite of the people who love sports.

The most expensive is not the most suitable

GPS Watch function is very many yuan, of course, the function from less to more, the price is also rising, so suggest to their own needs as the starting point to choose, GPS Watch otherwise over multi-function table, in addition to high prices, the table is larger, the operation complex, not suitable for everyone.

Do not engage in the three-iron movement, do not choose the higher unit price of the three-iron watch. If there is a heartbeat, you can choose to have no built-in heart rate detection, GPS Watch can be paired with the ANTP heartbeat band using GPS watches

The price is relative to the people. Or if you don't need GPS, you can also choose Mio Alpha 2 or G. Puls Hrm-10 with heart rate function.

Whether the heart rate function is built

The GPS watch with built-in heart rate measurement can detect heart rate, which is based on the LED green light detection, when the venous diastolic, the hemoglobin volume increases, the reflection signal is small, the vein shrinks, the hemoglobin quantity is small, the reflection signal is big, by this measure heartbeat. GPS Watch Wear should be as far as possible to make the body and skin to improve accuracy, if light will appear error, and swimming in the water detected heart rate will also be affected.

Built-in heart rate monitoring function of the GPS watch, is led green light detection heart rate.

No built-in heart rate detection of the watch, it is paired with the chest belt-type heartbeat, using the conductive rubber on the chest strap, detect the heartbeat of the heart beat, and then pass the table. At present, many manufacturers still believe that the accuracy of optical detection remains a concern, GPS Watch and therefore continue to use the traditional heartbeat. Battery life

GPS watches are used lithium batteries, through the USB charge, manufacturers will clearly indicate the efficiency of the battery in the product. But the electricity is limited, but the GPS and the heart rate function all quite consumes electricity, fills the condition approximately to be able to operate more than 10 hours, if carries on the long time movement such as Super Iron Man, the Super horse, may not be enough. Especially if the function is more power consumption, like the most functional TomTom Spark, if Shegepps heart rate + music "at the same time can only be used 5 hours."

App and Bluetooth upload

Through Bluetooth upload, the user can put the individual on the Watch movement record, uploaded to the mobile phone app and network platform, compared to the USB transmission data to the computer and then to the network, fast and convenient. Even some users think that the watch is only hardware, product features Although there is a difference but not very big, software app is more important to use or not. GPS Watch However, most of the brands of apps are only available to the brand's users register, so want to know how good, suggest the first and peripheral used friends to discuss.

Web Analytics

Each GPS watch provides a dedicated website with a variety of recording and analysis functions, can even first on the site to prepare the curriculum and then wear to watch, the function and convenience of the site, the information after the movement will have a great help, so that users can more efficient movement, but also to fully play the function of GPS watches. Now the brand is also more and more attention to the functionality of the site, such as the Golife run platform in the near future for car friends launched an exclusive slope analysis, to provide a ring-level grading and related data.

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