Gps Watch Is A Very Practical Watch

- Sep 05, 2017-

gps watch is a positioning system with high-tech watches, in real life to give us a lot of convenience, whether it is travel, or to the elderly children are wearing points when the occasion. Now we look at the next gps watch it!

gps watch profile

Enter the coordinate data on the navigation map of the PC / PDA / Navigator. Based on GPS satellite positioning system, automatically obtain GPS information and other data information, through the GSM / CDMA mobile phone card to SMS these data feedback to the user, the user through the free Google earth map can be remote target positioning or monitoring. GPS Watch This product also built-in GPRS module, you can transfer data through GPRS, compatible with a variety of monitoring software.

gps watch features

gps watch with watch and hanging two designs, but also to meet the time to view the function. The device into the world's first point-to-point positioning technology crystallization, GPS Watch but also the technology in the practical application of the first application. With the traditional GPS need to monitor the system is different from the GPS watch application process, the guardian can directly through the text message to check the guardian of the specific location, no need to pass the platform system, no need to pay the platform monthly fee; GPS Watch both convenient and accurate, The monthly fee to be paid per month for guardianship products.

gps watch another highlight is to have a clear loudspeaker function, and other monitors are different, GPS watches do not need to wear headphones can directly dialogue with the guardian, GPS Watch and the sound is quite clear. Both to ensure the quality of the call, but also to facilitate the communication, but also to avoid the inconvenience caused by the object of care is difficult to use.

gps watch function

GPS watch is also very simple to use, only need to load the SIM card, the GPS watch and monitor the phone binding, the guardian can directly through the SMS query tracking the specific location information, including address, image and latitude and longitude.

If you want to know the location of the object to be monitored, as long as the GPS watch to send a text message, a few seconds to know where they are located without the need for computer verification. GPS Watch If you set the timing feedback function in advance, GPS watch can also be sent to the phone regularly to monitor the specific location and other information. In addition GPS watch built-in microphone can achieve remote monitoring function, when the child lost or encountered danger, GPS Watch you can through the SOS button to achieve alarm function, the GPS watch will automatically send the alarm information to the binding of the phone, then remote The listening function will play its role.

gps watch performance

In addition, gps watch also has a potential accident alarm, power shortage, man-made shutdown and other reminder function, as long as the GPS watch appears to be removed, shut down, power shortage, etc., the system will issue a warning message to the guardian; at the same time precise electronic fence monitoring function Can be set to monitor the scope of activities of the object, GPS Watch the object to be monitored out of the specified range of pre-set, binding mobile phone will also receive a reminder message to inform their monitoring object may be potentially dangerous, and can be monitored object history record Trajectory, well aware of the actions of the subject being monitored.

As gps watch standby time up to 60 - 72 hours, full load working hours up to 10 hours, so it can not be lifted to monitor the worries. Another gps watch can be pre-set three guard phone number, GPS Watch so it can also become a parent and monitoring object exchange, contact the feelings of the tool to achieve the phone's call function. In general gps watch is a very suitable for the elderly and children's very practical watch!

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