GPS Watch Is A Lot Of Running Friends Must

- Nov 01, 2017-

GPS watches can be measured by satellite positioning of your watch, GPS Watch and it can also be used in sports, you can measure the heartbeat of the time of your exercise and so on

GPS watches are a lot of friends to run.

Function One: Daily activity detection

The built-in accelerometer can be used to detect your daily activity, including how many steps you have walked, how far you have gone, and how many calories you have consumed throughout the day. GPS Watch And can be achieved by your level of activity and your daily goals. Automatically assign you a number of goals for the day, and within your ability to drive more activities every day.

Function Two: Long sitting reminder

There was no constant complaining "alas, and made another morning, GPS Watch and the neck sore with sore eyes." FR15 will remind you of the event when you sit for more than 1 hours without activity.

Function Three: virtual Pace (rabbit function)

What do you do when you run fast in training? You can set a goal pace before you run, and if you run at a pace, lag, or sync with the target, your watch will send out a reminder or warning. GPS Watch This function is like having a uniform rabbit following you, which can help you control the tempo of running and keep running at a constant speed for marathon training.

Function IV: Training AIDS

Through Shan in running remind you, do not need to always look down on the card watch data, lazy people must ah! The parameters that can be set include heart rate warning, GPS Watch running and walking warning, speed warning, running information, automatic counting circle, daily steps, target completion, total calorie count, breaking record, etc. It is the best companion for your running and a good helper to track your daily life.

Function Five: Indoor running count

If you like to run in the gym, the old watch seems useless. GPS Watch If you configure an ant pedometer, FR15 can help you enjoy the fun of indoor running as well!

Function Six: Sleep monitoring

This is a very hot application concept nowadays. FR15 can detect your physical activity when you sleep, make your own sleep log by uploading the data on the Garmin Connect, GPS Watch and help improve your sleep status for a long time.

Feature Seven: Cloud sharing

GARMIN Connect is an online software platform that allows you to communicate with your global friends, collect and share your running fun, intelligently analyze your running fitness data, GPS Watch and share it with global community friends. Love to ' show off ' the Friends don't miss.

Function Eight: Running friends PK

You can add your friends as a contact, and then see their latest activity status at any time on your computer or on your phone, including your list of friends this week (number of steps, running mileage, etc.).

Feature IX: Online Challenges and incentives

Using FR15 allows you to join the online challenge, and connect will automatically assign you to a group of strengths that are tailored to meet the challenge of a limited audience, GPS Watch and you can challenge global players.

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