Gps Watch Has Many Advantages

- Aug 24, 2017 -

On a lot of just like running on the road running and have been boring machine ran to run the runner, is not too satisfied to know how long they have run, but also want to know their speed and distance. In addition to the above mentioned mobile phones on a variety of running APP, you can also use specifically designed for running with GPS chip running watch. And the general sports watch can only be measured, the calendar is different, GPS watches can not only record the movement of the speed, time, distance and other basic data, GPS Watch some models can record heart rate, temperature, altitude, pressure, and the current GPS watches are Data upload, analysis function, GPS Watch you can run on each of the detailed statistical data, analysis, so you fully grasp their own training status.

And installed on the phone compared to the APP software, GPS watches have many advantages:

(1) small: easy to carry GPS is the biggest advantage, running with a cell phone, after all, still need to solve the problem of carrying. While the watch on the more convenient, GPS Watch and now the GPS watch and the size of the ordinary watch is almost the same or slightly larger, will not cause additional burden. GPS Watch And now the phone is bigger and bigger, if with a giant screen mobile phone to run is indeed not very convenient.

(2) Convenient: with GPS watch hand can see their current instantaneous speed, average speed, time, distance, heart rate and other data, do not stop will not affect the current state of running. And mobile phone APP in addition to a fixed time, distance from the last stage of the data broadcast, GPS Watch if you want to understand the current detailed data, you must take out the phone, light up the screen, GPS Watch this process will affect the running process. Especially in the cold winter, you may also wear gloves, it is added a lot of inconvenience.

(3) accurate: mobile phone APP calls the phone built-in GPS data, precision GPS gauges. Many runners will find APP record running track often "drift", will be less or more mileage, GPS Watch thus affecting the accuracy of the entire data. The GPS watch on this a special optimization and tuning, the data is more accurate.

(4) life: the use of mobile phone APP will be limited by the battery life of mobile phones, usually training is generally enough, but if the whole horse above the game, then the phone may not be enough power. Now relatively high-end GPS watch battery life can have been basically 12 hours, GPS Watch so generally more than 50 kilometers of endurance runners will wear a professional GPS watch.

(5) Waterproof: Many GPS watches have a waterproof function, swimming available, including outdoor swimming and indoor swimming pool mode, some models more support the "triathlon" sports record, which is the phone software can not do. Swimming in the outdoors can rely on GPS to get the data, and running is the same. GPS Watch Swimming in the indoor swimming pool, you just set the length of the lane, it can be separated from the GPS signal to rely on the watch built-in action sensor to help you record the swim, the number of rounds, GPS Watch the number of water and other data. This function is very practical, usually in the pool training do not have to count back and forth a few times their own back and forth. If you are not only running enthusiasts, but also like swimming, then buy a "iron three table" will be a good choice.

Although running with a mobile phone, GPS Watch but for running data records and master, or like to use GPS watches. Portable use of mobile phones or more in order to maintain contact with the outside world, as well as for security and emergency considerations.

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