GPS Positioning Accuracy Is High

- Sep 05, 2017-

GPS Features

The main features of the Global Positioning System:

(1) global, all-weather work.

① high positioning accuracy. Click the positioning accuracy is better than 10m, using differential positioning, accuracy up to centimeters and millimeters.

② function, wide application.

GPS system features: high precision, all-weather, high efficiency, multi-functional, easy to operate, widely used and so on.

1, high positioning accuracy

Application practice has proved that GPS relative positioning accuracy within 50KM up to 10-6,100-500KM up to 10-7,1000KM up to 10-9. In the precision positioning of 300-1500M engineering, GPS the plane position error of the plane is less than 1mm, and compared with the ME-5000 electromagnetic wave rangefinder, the side length is about 0.5mm, The error is 0.3mm.

2, observation time is short

With the continuous improvement of the GPS system, the software is constantly updated, at present, relatively static positioning within 20KM, only 15-20 minutes; GPS fast static relative positioning measurement, when each mobile station and the base station within 15KM, Station observation time only 1-2 minutes, and then can be positioned at any time, each station observation only a few seconds.

Compared with other navigation and positioning technology, GPS positioning technology has the following characteristics:

(1) continuous coverage on a global scale. Due to the large number of GPS satellites, their spatial distribution and operating cycles have been carefully designed to allow at least four satellites to be observed at any time on Earth (including the surface and the air) at any time (this is the GPS positioning system Necessary condition). GPS Which can ensure that all-weather continuous three-dimensional positioning around the world.

(2) to achieve real-time positioning. The GPS positioning system can determine the three-dimensional coordinates and velocity vectors of the motion vector in real time. Which can be real-time monitoring and correction of the carrier's movement direction, to avoid a variety of adverse environment, select routes. GPS This is a lot of navigation and positioning technology is difficult to match.

(3) high positioning accuracy. By using the GPS system, the coordinates, velocity and time information of the dynamic target can be obtained, and the relative positioning accuracy of 10-6 ~ 10-7 can be obtained for the static target on the larger space scale. With the improvement of technical level, positioning accuracy will be further improved.

(4) static positioning observation efficiency is high. GPS According to the different requirements of precision, GPS static observation time from a few minutes to several tens of days ranging from data collection to data processing are basically done automatically. And the use of traditional mapping technology to achieve the same accuracy is more difficult, and often need several times or even ten times the observation time and spend a lot of manpower and resources.

(5) widely used. GPS is successfully applied in the field of surveying and mapping, resource exploration, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, GPS animal husbandry and fishery, vehicle navigation and control, crustal movement monitoring, engineering deformation monitoring, geodynamics, etc. with its all-weather, high precision, automation and high efficiency. Multidisciplinary.

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