Budget Smartwatches From Amazon Put To The Test - Is It Worth Buying One?

- Oct 26, 2017 -

If you type 'smartwatch' into the search box on Amazon, amongst the Moto 360s and Sony SmartWatch 3s you'll see a load of results for cheap, budget smartwatches from manufacturers you've probably never heard of.

Some work with iOS, some work with Android and some work with both. But do they really? Do they actually perform the tasks you'd expect from a smartwatch on the eve of 2016? Is it really worth saving a few bucks by avoiding the usual Android Wear suspects and opting for an unknown quantity?

Team Wareable has had five of the top rated cheap smartwatches strapped on our collective wrist for the last couple of weeks. Here's how we got on…

This is probably the most unique looking of the budget smartwatches that we tested and, for the basics, probably the most efficient too. It paired ok, held its connection for a little while and actually did provide notifications, of incoming calls and text messages.

Until it lost its connection after about half an hour that is. After that we couldn't get it to pair with either an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy S5 and it was essentially a digital watch, albeit with a pretty metallic face, and a limited battery life. You'll get a day before you have to clamp (quite literally) the world's ugliest charger around it.

While it was paired, we tried to get more out of it – calendar updates, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp messages and the like. To do this you need to download a separate APK Android app – all in Chinese. And there's not a chance we were ever going to attempt this.

The built in pedometer requires you to manually start it every time you want your steps counted and the other 'apps' – camera shutter, music controls and so on – don't seem to do anything at all.

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