Use of GPS watches

- Mar 16, 2017-

GPS watch used watches and hanging two designs, but also to meet the function of viewing time. The device is integrated into the world's first point-to-point positioning technology, and is the first application of this technology in the actual supply of. Different from traditional GPS monitoring system is needed, GPS watches in the application process, guardian guardian directly through SMS query location, without going through the system without platform monthly fee, both convenient and accurate, also other GPS monitoring products have been removed from monthly to pay a high monthly fee.
GPS watch another highlight is to have clear speakers function, is different from other monitors, GPS watches without the need for headphones to direct dialogue with the guardians, and sounds pretty clear. Guaranteed call quality, and convenient communication, avoiding the difficulties due to mobility by Ward.
GPS watches is very simple, only need to load the SIM card, GPS watch and monitor cell phones binding guardianship directly through SMS query to track monitor specific geographic location information, including addresses, images, and latitude and longitude.
If you want to know the location of Ward, just send a SMS to the GPS watch, a few seconds to know their exact location and without computer check. If the pre-set time the feedback feature, GPS watches are regularly sent to the mobile phone monitor information such as the location of the object. Built-in microphone GPS watch can realize remote monitoring function, as when a child is lost or in danger, can be realized by SOS button alarm function, the GPS watches are automatically bound alarm message to mobile phone, remote monitoring functions will fulfil its role at this time.
Also, GPS watches also has potential accident alert, and power insufficient, and human shut machine, reminded function, as long as GPS watches appeared human removed, and shut machine, and power insufficient, situation, system on will issued warning message to guardian; while precise electronic fence guardianship function also can on guardianship object activities range for set, was guardianship object access prior set of specified range, bound phone also will received reminded information, told they of guardianship object may has potential dangerous, while can view was guardianship object history past records track , To monitor the action of objects at his fingertips.
Because GPS watches a standby time of up to 60-72 hours, full load hours up to 10 hours, so the lift cannot be continued monitoring of worries.
GPS watch can be preset three additional monitoring cell phone numbers, so it can also be a parent and monitoring tools for object Exchange, networking, and phone calls.

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