Switch up your smartwatch style with one of these circular watch faces

- Sep 18, 2017 -

We have compiled a terrific selection of Android Wear watch faces you can download right now, many of them compatible with the circular display on both the first Moto 360 and the recently launched Moto 360 2. Here's a few extra special ones we think work especially well.

Some of these watch faces are interactive, too, taking full advantage of the latest Android Wear update. Look out for Motorola's own live dials too.

Check out our round-up of the best watch faces for the Moto 360 and let us know your favourite in the comments below.

We love ustwo's Android Wear faces including this one, Bits. You can add interactive elements including calendar events, steps, weather and new email to the range of slick, modern watch face designs. You can also launch apps straight from the complications.

his popular round watch face has custom background animations for all weathers and neat complications for things like battery level, step count as well as temperature and wind speeds. The Moto 360 isn't the obvious choice for active types but with the right watch face, it's as handy as any of it rivals.

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