Step Meter Pedometer Buying Guide

- Aug 25, 2017-

If you feel the need to get a pedometer, deciding the best one for you could be challenging, given that pedometers come in different shapes, sizes and style. Also, pedometers are now taken at a higher level, they don’t only track activities but monitor heart rate as well. If you are still confused what pedometer or fitness tracker to purchase, we have a checklist for you. Check it out below.

Size, Shape & Design – First, determine the way you wish to wear the device. How will you carry your pedometer, heart rate monitor or activity tracker? Do you want something you can put in your pocket or something you have to clip on your belt? Do you want it to be wearable like a wristband or watch? These things are great deciding factors when choosing for a fitness tracker.

Functions – If you only want a device to count your step, you can go for a step counter. However, if you want a powerful fitness tracking device that counts your step, calculate the calories you burned, compute the distance you take, monitor the quality of your sleep and wake you up with a gentle alarm get a pedometer with these features. There are also pedometers with heart rate monitoring functions, which usually comes in the form of heart rate monitor watch.

Data management – fitness tracking devices are now flexible and versatile. In fact, activity trackers now offer you different ways to read your results. For simple pedometers, you can read the stats on the display. Other pedometers synchronize data wired or wirelessly to your device for a more comfortable reading of your results. Do you want to see your fitness records on your smartphone or tablet? Then go for fitness trackers that allow you to sync your data to other devices.

Social Media – Meanwhile, other activity trackers allow you to share your progress on social media and compare it with friends. If this friendly competition motivates you, then, by all means, get a pedometer with this feature and enjoy your way to fitness with your friends.

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