Smart-wearable devices: little big wisdom

- Mar 16, 2017 -

What is a wearable intelligent device?
According to the Guangming daily reports, wearable smart device refers to application of wearable technology for everyday wearable intelligent design, developed the equipment, these devices include eyeglasses, watches, gloves, apparel, hats and so on.
Wearable smart device in the last century, the concept of the 60 's, its primary form appeared in the 80 's. In 21st century, began to receive extensive development of smart wearable devices and applications. Many large companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Sony are also gradually expand exploration in this emerging field.
Monitoring health
Smart women's health management system the examples to help us understand very well wearable valid application in smart devices in our daily lives. This system can monitor the wearer in the daily movement of the wearer of the pace, pace, heart rate, breathing and other different data in order to detect the wearer's health and, through links to Internet, Internet of things, systems can be recorded with saved data to the analysis of health platform for further analysis and recording. In addition, special smart women's health management system can also be adjusted through analysis of a woman's menstrual cycle related equipment inside the shoe, thus changing the environment inside the shoe, such as temperature, slope, to better health services for women.
In addition to intelligent women's health management system, now more popular, can real-time monitor the health of the wearer wearable smart devices also include to monitor smart status of the breast BRA, can monitor their blood sugars of contact lenses as well as mobile laboratories to monitor the HIV virus.
Integration with the wearer
At present, the wearable smart device remains outside of the wearer's body, and there is a certain distance between the wearer. But with the development of technology, wearable smart device will fuse with the wearer. Xinhuanet, in 2013, the Swiss Federal Institute in Zurich Professor Martin Fussenegger invented a smart chip can be implanted inside the body. This chip can be effective and timely monitoring of recipients of health such as blood pressure, blood lipid levels and heart rate. Is magic are chips that can connect with the stomach to help recipients achieve weight loss goals. Specific process is: when the chip implantation blood lipid level of obesity was found to stimulate the stomach, which regulates a gene that can suppress appetite. This gene stimulating implant capable of producing satiety hormone secretion, which help recipients reduce food intake to achieve weight loss goals.
Looking at the present, despite the leaps made wearable smart devices, but there are still some problems in our country, yet the industrial environments. At present, the wearable smart devices on the market varies greatly. Bracelet, for example, now all kinds of mobile phone companies have developed their own smart wearing bracelets, but its quality control still needs to be strengthened.

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