New blood to reinvigorate UX and product design

- Sep 21, 2017 -

Pebble has poached two top designers from the webOS team at LG, who will fill senior positions at the wearable company.

Itai Vonshak has been hired to head up the Product and UX team, while Liron Damir has been given the coveted title Head of Design. The move comes after Pebble unveiled new colours for its original lineup.

Myriam Joire, product evangelist at Pebble said that the two would be instrumental in helping Pebble create new products:

“Itai and Liron will help Pebble continue to grow by bringing together the industry's best talent and crafting world-class wearable products – in other words, we're hiring," she said.

It's another twist in webOS's colourful history, from its beginnings on HP smartphones to its current home at LG, acting as a back-end for smart TVs.

Pebble's choice to hire the two designers could stem from their experience in translating features designed for the smartphone and adapting them for a completely different sized screen.

This is the same challenge – albeit in reverse – faced by wearable makers, shaping mobile apps and functionality and placing them onto the wrist.

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