How to choose outdoor sports watches?

- Mar 16, 2017-

Compared with conventional watches, outdoor watch water and shock resistant, impact-resistant, antifriction, but also forecast, high air pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, compass features four powerful, in addition to other value-added features may also have tide graph display, computer operations, new features such as GPS. Popular materials for outdoor watches are high quality stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, rubber, carbon fiber, ceramics, choose different materials can show users a unique personality. How to choose outdoor watches?
First group wants to have a strong practical and suitable for everyday wear outdoor watch of choice: snack table outside to watch the category without excessive additional functional requirements, the selection of a basic outdoor property is a date, lighting, alarm, compass, waterproof, temperature measurement features such as round-the-clock watches. Substantial advantages if available, would have been preferable, the focus of these watches look attractive, well-made, watch the durability in high standards.
Features: rugged design, Hypo-allergenic alloy case fully embodies the humane designs, and have accurate accurate electronic compass, altimeter and barometer. Wide display screen, large size reading and ambient light you can still clear readings under any conditions. In addition, natural Crystal table covered with black durable leather strap waterproof to highlight stable noble temperament.
Second class crowd hobby ski, and climbing, requirements high of outdoor activities who best select: professional outdoor watches for keen ski, and climbing, and adventure, outdoor activities of crowd for, on outdoor watches of requirements also will high, General of several function far up not to its real of needs, so select has thermometer, and pressure meter, and height meter, and timing device, and electronic backlight, and alarm clock, and information storage, and automatic calendar, and world city time, and solar, function of outdoor watches is necessary of.

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