Apple Watch

- Aug 23, 2017-

While the Apple Watch Series 2 packs in the most features, the original Apple Watch (now renamed the Apple Watch Series 1) also received an upgrade. It now includes the same S1 chip from the Series 2, meaning you’ll see performance increases alongside watchOS 3, making a marked improvement over when we first reviewed it.

It also comes with some pretty nifty design features, the best of which are its Taptic Engine and physical crown. The Digital Crown is a wheel that can be used to scroll, zoom and navigate the user interface. When pushed it also acts as a home button and returns to the Apple Watch homescreen.

The Taptic Engine is a linear actuator that’s embedded in the Apple Watch’s screen. The tech is used to send vibration alerts and feedback to the Apple Watch wearer. This sounds similar to the alerts you get on 99% of wearables, but Apple’s added some unique uses for it on the Watch.

For example, when out on a run with the Apple fitness app connected and a route planned, the Taptic Engine will help make sure you stay on course by vibrating the direction you need to go – which let’s face it, is awesome.

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