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We honor your privacy and will never sell or give your information to any third party for any purpose unless required by law.

Returns & Replacements

Our Diver Waterproof MP3 Player comes with full 12 month warranty. All defective parts will be replaced free of charge within 12 months of the purchase date. We are so confident that you will absolutely love our Diver MP3, that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Which means, if you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, we will pay for the return shipping and will issue you a full refund for your order with in 30 day of the purchase date.

1.I can’t turn on the MP3 player

Please fully charge the Diver (with the provided USB cable) for at least 3 hours before using the player. Your computer must be turned on while connected to your player for charging. If charging with a laptop, please make sure it is plugged into a power source before charging.

2.I can’t charge my player using the USB cable

Make sure that you use the provided USB cable.

Use the USB cable to connect the player to your PC and check that the computer recognizes the player.

Make sure the cable is properly inserted to the USB port.

If it still does not charge, you may need to reset your player. If you have the LCD model, you can press both [M] and [|<<] buttons at the same time to reset the player. If you have the non-LCD model, press the reset button until the player turns on and the red LED light appears.

3.There is no sound when the player is on

Make sure the earphones are properly plugged into the earphone jack.

Our Divers will only play songs that are in .MP3 or ,WMA format. Other formats like MP4, WAV, AVI, WMV and iTunes will not work.

If you are using iTunes, you can convert the music files to MP3 by going into Edit > Preferences > General > Import Settings and changing the settings to import files as MP3. Then select the songs you want to convert, RIGHT CLICK and choose convert to MP3.

It's also possible that the volume might be too low. Press Volume Up "+" button to increase the volume. You can view the video tutorial below which gives step-by-step instructions on how to convert your iTunes music.

When I turn on the player it automatically shuts off

The MP3 player will only recognize and play songs that are in .MP3 or .WMA format. If the songs are not in those formats, the player will not recognize the files and turn off automatically.

4.What is the maximum depth that the MP3 player can be submerged?

The MP3 player can be submerged up to 10 feet underwater.

5.The provided ear buds are too large and do not fit my ear. Do you provide an alternative size?

Please contact using our Contact Form. We will be able to send some smaller ear buds.

6.How do you convert iTunes audio files to .MP3 format?

Please view the video below which explains how to easily convert your iTunes files into MP3 format.